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Lacquer Packages

Protective and Affordable Lacquer Packages

New Door New Stairs

B.E.S. Painting knows there are many benefits to using lacquer. It can provide your home or business with the perfect finish. It can also protect your home from abrasions, acid, alkali, and water, keeping it looking better longer. In fact, lacquer has more durability than modern paint.

If you don't want to change the color, we can use a clear lacquer. Our several years of experience, along with the use of our safety products, also make it easy for us to stain all baseboards, new doors, and window trims in your home.

Our Packages

If you're looking to give your property a touch-up, let B.E.S. Painting provide you with the lacquer services you need. Our lacquer packages are perfect for new businesses, new construction, or remodeled properties. What we offer is completely determined by what you want to get done.